Industries of Titan – Update 3 Trailer

Brace Yourself Games third update gets a shipyard and ship to ship combat! This is the trailer I made for Industries of Titan: Shape Up and Ship Out!

I took a different approach to this one. More bombastic, quick cuts, and a genre teaser before the trailer that re-introduces the game to newcomers each time, just so they are aware if the game appeals to them before hitting them with the new features.


Editing, Game Capture – Marlon Wiebe
Game byBrace Yourself Games
MusicDanny Baranowsky

Hype Jam 2020 Lightning Talk

I was asked by Andrew McPherson from Seattle Indies to be one of the judges for Hype Jam 2020, a game jam where you make the trailer for your game instead of the game itself.

He also asked for a lightning talk, and I decided to talk about how I use game jam like iteration with my trailers and videos. Check it out!

Phantom Brigade – E3 2019 Gameplay Trailer

This is our E3 Trailer for Phantom Brigade which premiered on the official Twitch livestream duing the event!

Instead of the usual hype trailers that we usually make at Brace Yourself Games, and because the mechanics of Phantom Brigade aren’t easily explained in a short trailer, for this one we decided to go for a more explicitly explanatory trailer. This allows us to show off how the strategic planning and enemy prediction mechanics work which is the core hook of the game.