I made a trailer for this multiplayer shoot-em-up by Radial Games that has you flying Rockets that shoot Rockets at other Rockets.


Game by – Radial Games
Trailer by – Marlon Wiebe
Music by – Ben Lam
Audio by – Power Up Audio
Actors – Allan Lavell, Kailey Mander
Production Assitance – Connor Bell

Making Of

This one was super fun. When I was first talking with Andy Moore about the trailer, he suggested having two people playing the game as the main attraction of the game is sitting next to a friend.

Inspired by the visuals and Ben Lam’s amazing soundtrack, I wanted it to have a fast cut and bright music video vibe. What goes well with music videos? Ring lights!

I didn’t have access to a ring light, but I knew a friend of mine Connor Bell had a programmable LED strips that glow and light up with color and I thought of just rolling it into a ring and holding it up to the actors faces to get a bright halo effect.

Rockets BTS
Connor, Me, and Allan getting the LED lights together.

For the slo mo part with Allan getting knocked back, I used the slo mo function on my iPhone and captured him separately from Kailey and then composited them together in post. Since the camera was recording at 23.976fps and the slo mo was capturing at 240fps, I was able to slow down the footage 10x!

I filmed Allan jumping into my couch, then composited him in the scene with Kailey. 🙂

That’s about it! Hope you like it! 🙂

What I Used

  • iPhone 6
  • FiLMiC Pro App for iPhone
  • After Effects CS6
  • Element 3D plugin
  • Real Glow plugin
  • Panasonic GH2