I made a trailer for this hyper atmospheric terminal-based sci-fi scavenging game by Misfits Attic.

Survive in space by sending your drones into derelict spaceships and scavenging what you can. But be careful, one false step could mean your drones are gone for good.


Editing by – Marlon Wiebe
Game & Concept byMisfits Attic

Making Of

When Tim approached me with his game, I loved that the command console was a big part of the game. He asked if we could try to make a trailer that was entirely in the console, showing commands being typed, alerts going off, and the player scrambling to avert disaster. I loved the idea, and Tim even made an animatic of it.

Duskers Animatic Screenshot
A Screenshot from Tim’s Animatic

It was promising, and with some good audio design I thought it could work. I worked with it for a while, but realized that even after trying to simplify it with less commands, having that much text was just too much to take in and it was quickly bogged down in the details.

So, I decided to just try another, simpler approach. I took a que from the opening of the game, and thought if we spent the time of the trailer to set up the world instead and let the screenshots impart the gameplay, things might make more sense.

After Tim saw the new cut, he agreed, and we made the trailer you see above.