Own a physical singing version of the merchant from Crypt of the Necrodancer!


Editing & Animation – Marlon Wiebe
GameBrace Yourself Games
Music & IdeaDanny Baranowsky
Pixel ArtTed Martens
AudioPower Up Audio

Making Of

A while back Danny had been fantasizing over Skype that he’d love to see an ad for his fantastic soundtrack for Crypt of the Necrodancer that was a parody of those typical 80’s K-Tel commercials for best of CD compilations. Such as the one below:


I loved the idea and knew these commercials well. It never happened at that time, but many months later, I got an email from Ryan Clark himself that they were selling shopkeeper plushies on their merch page that sing when you squeeze ’em and now would be a good time for Danny’s commercial idea.

I immediately jumped at the chance.

Ryan mailed me a plushie and I got to work. I imagined him being green screened and slowly rotating against a NecroDancer themed background. So, I bought an old lazy susan from a thrift store and covered it with some green screen fabric and set up a makeshift studio.

Freddie on the lazy susan green screen studio.

It wasn’t an ideal situation, but I was giving the whole video a VHS feel so super clean green screen wasn’t totally necessary.

After putting the graphics together, Power Up Audio sourced the excellent VO, cleaned up the audio with some super ninja editing (they really are fantastic at game audio, be sure to check out their amazing game audio work), and we finished it up!

And after the project was completed, we get to use the lazy susan for what it was designed for: a very 70s party platter. 😛

All in all, pretty pleased with the results. 🙂