An online simultaneous turn-based Mexican standoff game that gets it right. Play against friends online or go solo in puzzle mode.


Editing/Animation – Marlon Wiebe
GameRadiostatic Inc.
ArtJonathan Stroh
Audio byA Shell in the Pit

Making Of

Fuego is a really tough game to show off in a minute of gameplay. At it’s core, it’s a turn-based game where both players are placing characters at the same time then watching how the standoff unfolds. To introduce this concept to the player, the guys at Radiostatic suggested a pan down of a battlefield with slowly increasing intensity.

Since this sort of scene doesn’t exist in the game, I decided to reanimate the entire thing in After Effects. It’s always tough to get the right animations and timing, but through close collaboration with the guys we managed to pull it off. 🙂

Check out the game on Steam here.