You’re here because you need a list of people who make trailers.  Well, here it is: a list of people that make trailers.

I’ll try to keep this updated as I discover more people and please let me know if there’s more people I should add to this list. 🙂

Roy Lee

I worked with Roy at Brace Yourself Games and he’s an incredibly talented and reliable trailer editor. He did trailers for Rift of the NecroDancer, Industries of Titan, and more.

M. Joshua

M. Joshua currently works at Devolver, but has previously been a freelancer specializing in indie game trailers and he’s done work for projects like The Messenger, Darkest Dungeon, and That Dragon, Cancer.

Benjamin Combes

Ben has made trailers with many AAA game companies like Ubisoft, Relic, and Sega, while also working with indie game companies like The Game Bakers.

Ashley Ruhl

Ashley has been a cinematic designer, narrative designer, and episodic director in games for 8 years. She’s worked at BioWare Austin, Telltale Games, Trion Worlds and most recently Gunfire Games. She’s looking to make trailers more so check out his portfolio and send him an email!

Keith Shetler

Keith has been making trailers since 2012 on various AAA titles like Bioshock Infinite, Prey and now does indie trailers such as Slime Rancher and Flame in the Flood.

James McGregor

James is a freelance video editor specializing in game trailers. He previously worked full-time for Team17. Check out his portfolio and give him a ring!

A Shell in the Pit

A Shell in the Pit is primarily an sound studio for games, but recently officially started doing trailers as well. Since sound and music is so integral to the art of trailers, it’s a fantastic fit.

Vanessa Williams

Vanessa has been editing since 2007.  She spent three years as Post Production Supervisor at Imagos Films, where she cut dozens of game spot commercials for clients, (including Adult Swim Games, Devolver Digital, and Nintendo)

Ryan Seville – Evolve PR

Ryan is a fantastic videographer and editor with a background in live-action and documentary films. He’s done tons of video game trailers from Amnesia and Soma to Dead Cells.

Derek Lieu

Derek’s work in a AAA trailer studio informs his work as a freelance indie game trailer creator.  He’s done trailers for Firewatch, Spelunky 2, Subnautica, Ooblets and many more.

Kert Gartner

Kert is in pretty high demand, and works as Devolver’s trailer guy, so he will likely not be available.  But check out his trailers and work for the IGF and GDCA awards shows!

Trailer Squad

This studio has been around for a while, making all kinds of indie game trailers for projects ranging from mobile to pc.