The hyper stylized dungeon crawling slash-em-up from the studio that brought you Guacamelee!

Take control of a one-armed heroine named Sasha, wielding a living sword on her journey through a nightmarish world in search of her family.


Editing/Concept by – Marlon Wiebe
Game byDrinkbox Studios

Making Of

After working with the guys at Drinkbox Studios on the previous trailer, they came back to me with a few things that people didn’t realize about the game after watching the trailer then playing the demo.

The Goals

Here’s what people thought about the game after watching the last trailer:

  1. That the part in the trailer when approaching the house was actually the in game exploration. It just all seems like cutscene.
  2. That you “tap” the screen to attack, not “slice”

Looking back at the last trailer, I can see where this was coming from. Luckily the game is so visually compelling and stylish that the trailer could still get people excited. But we had to close those two gaps for the next one.

The Solve

Here’s how we solved those issues:

#1 put the HUD on the screen during the exploration parts.

Boom. It’s now obviously in-game footage. It goes against one of my trailer rules that the HUD is too much extra visual imagery to parse in a trailer, but hey, sometimes you gotta break a rule to solve a problem. 🙂

#2 Roto a touch indicator into the combat footage

The second was a bit tougher. Obviously we needed to have an indicator showing how the combat works, but how do you make it so that it doesn’t look like part of the game? We tried a white circle usually seen in Apple demos, but it blended in too much.

I ended up modelling a hand seen in another part of the game and giving it a slight 3D look and a fairly obvious drop shadow to make it look like it’s sitting on top of the game screen. The gameplay was recorded straight from the game, I just animated and matched the movements by hand.

Severed Touch Combat Overlay

In the end I think it all turned out rather well! Hope you are excited for the game! 😀