I took part in the Global Game Jam 2016 and hung out with a bunch of awesome artists and game devs for 48 hours and made a rough, but functional game called “Maek Project”.

Making Of

Since the theme was Ritual, I wanted to make a WarioWare-esque game that looked at the daily ritual of trying to complete a project that keeps getting interrupted by real life responsibilities.

I’m also a big fan of silly physics-y games like QWOP and Off-Road Velociraptor Safari so it didn’t take long to get the idea working.

Delicious temp art!{: .image-comment }

Delicious temp art!

Using this temp art style, I whipped together a couple minigames, even made my own bitmap font and imported it using the fantastic free cross-platform program ShoeBox and the ShoeBox Unity Importer.

Going for realism here. 😉

This is pretty much the state in which I got to at the end of the Game Jam, but I’ve been slowly working on some actual graphics and a couple new distractions (what I’m calling the mini-games) like the USB one below.

Possibly NSFW?

You can play the Global Game Jam version right here. Updated version to follow (hopefully).