ALERT! ALERT! Lovers HQ has been destroyed by Anti-Love! You and a friend must work together to defeat evil and restore love in this intense co-op game.


Editing/Animation – Marlon Wiebe
Art/GameAsteroid Base
Additional Character AnimationMatt Hammill

Making Of

It was such an honour to work with Asteroid Base on this game. I’ve been a fan of Matt Hammill’s work previous to LIADS, games like the graphical text adventure Gilded Youth and sneeze-and-sneak-em-up Gesundheit! are fanastic games and they just ooze atmosphere.

One of the first things that Matt told me is that if there was any extra animation that he could do, he’d be all over that.

After deciding on the song and coming up with the structure for the trailer, I had one small but crucial chunk where the characters would be animated getting suited up for combat. I made an inital storyboard with my rough sketches, then he iterated on it, passed it back, and I polished it up! It was a fantastic and easy process.

Rockets BTS
From storyboard, to rough, to final result! GIF by Matt Hammill