Rogue Legacy meets an FPS in Egypt, with an unlikely hero.


Edit/Animation – Marlon Wiebe

Making Of

I knew when I was approached by the amazing folks at CremaGames that this was going to be a fun project. Immortal Redneck is incredibly polished, has intense satisfying gameplay, and just looks amazing! I knew that I just needed to keep things action packed and every shot should have some new content since there was just so much to work with.

Since there was so much content, I wanted the content to continue behind the text boards, so I used the free camera that they set up for me to capture long, smooth pushes down interesting corridors and rooms in the game.

Then I time-remapped it in AE to make it more impactful, added some text and lighting and voila you got yourself a gol dern text board! 🙂

Check out Immortal Redneck on Steam! You won’t regret it. 🙂