Derelict spaceships are floating through the galaxy ready to be stripped of scrap. But it won’t be easy. You need to plan your assault, choose your weapons wisely, and don’t waste your ammo! It ain’t cheap.


Editing/Animation/Concept – Marlon Wiebe
Art/Game – Alien Trap Games

Making Of

When I first played this game thinking about how to structure the trailer, it was immediately obvious to me that taking on one of these derelicts is akin to the heist in a heist movie. So why not structure it like one?

The unique aspect of this dual-stick shooter was the initial plan phase where you planned out what systems you needed to take out. That needed to be shown front and center, and I did so using some zooming in and out of the map and gameplay modes.


The rest of the edit followed easily enough, since Alien Trap already had VO actors, it was a simple matter of doing a scratch track, timing everything, then getting the real actress to read the lines.