Black Future ‘88’s neon-lit retro-future style paints a dark alternate history of a world reeling from a nuclear cataclysm created by Duncan, the tower architect.


Editing – Marlon Wiebe
Intro AnimationMads Broni
MusicTremor Low
PublisherGood Shepherd Games

Making Of

This game was just a joy to work on. I love the aesthetic and music which makes it super easy to edit things to right away. 🙂

The intro animation was directed and animated by Mads Broni and put together by the Good Shepherd Games crew when I was brought on board to edit the gameplay portion of the trailer and compile everything together.

I used a new glitch effect for this trailer! This time, instead of a plugin like one of my favourite name-your-price plugin Dojo Glitch, I used this free pre-made After Effects project template from Rocket Stock. It has a ton more options, but the tricky bit about this is that you need to put everything you want to affect into a pre-made comp. That means if you have different layers of things you would like to glitch, for me I wanted to apply glitches to the final edit and the logos/text separately, you need to re-import the entire template again to use it. A minor nitpick, but since it has so many more options, it was worth it.

Thanks for reading! 🙂